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Mighty Wolf Media



We’re a full-scale production house servicing brands & people based in Austin, Texas. Our passion is creating a sense of story in everything we do. We tell the stories of amazing individuals, local businesses, established companies & everyone in between. We know that creating captivating content that distinguishes a brand can be challenging for businesses of all sizes. Our aim is to prove how straightforward and fun the process can be!

Clients can contact us for any other type of service. To discuss a project or

for more information, fill out the form & we’ll get back to you.

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We help you navigate every step of video production from strategy and creativity, to script development and actor casting, set design and high-quality video production, to editing, color grading, and sound design.


  • Strategic Consulting

  • Concept Development

  • Production Planning

  • Production Scheduling


  • Consulting

  • Content Development

  • Creative Treatment

  • Shot list development


  • On-location

  • In-studio

  • Full Equipment

  • Crew


  • Video Editing

  • Voiceover recording

  • Motion Graphics

  • Captioning

  • Music


  • Integrate on websites

  • Output to social media

  • View on mobile devices

  • Broadcast on tv

Our Team

Our team

Mighty Wolf Media has a preferred network of creatives, agencies, crew, and marketers to cover all of our client’s creative, content, and strategy needs.

We believe in building people up, collaboration, and empathy, and hire people who believe the same. We are good people who like to work with good people. 

Our team can tackle projects of all sizes of any projects.

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